Zarrin - Date Molasses (Syrup), 900 G (Case of 12)

Size: Case (12 jars)

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  • Premium Quality Date Molasses
  • Ingredients: Date
  • Product of Turkey
  • Net Wt: 31.75 Oz

Product description

Date molasses is a natural sweetener with mild earthy taste and excellent aroma. Quite simply, date molasses (also known as "Shireh Khorma" in Farsi) is an ancient food made with reduced dates that is thought to be one of the first sweeteners before cane sugar and honey were introduced in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. Considered a pantry staple in Turkey, Iran, Greece and other parts of that region, date molasses is prized for its high iron and potassium content along with its earthy/naturally sweet taste.Try pouring date molasses over pancakes and waffles, or upgrade yogurt and granola parfaits with a hearty drizzle. Use it as a 1-1 ratio to substitute for maple syrup or honey in baked goods to impart a distinct date flavor and subdued sweetness. The thick syrup works as a meat glaze as well, and plays beautifully with fresh herbs and tart citrus in grilling sauces.