Shan - Himalayan Pure Fine Salt, 400g (Case of 24)

Size: Case (24 Pack)

Shan Virgin Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain (400g)

- Naturally Fortified with 84 Trace Minerals

- Stand Up Pouch


  • Shan brings to you pure, premium and naturally fortified Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt in its natural state, free from impurities and naturally fortified with 84 trace minerals that are essential for human health.
  • 100% Virgin Pink Himalayan Salt (Chemical Free & Flouride Free)
  • Extracted from pristine Himalayan Mountains. Deep mined from un-contaminated source
  • Gourmet Food Grade with robust flavor and no bitter after taste
  • One of the best salts for health benefits, Promoting a healthy pH balance in cells, Stimulating Circulation, Preserving and curing meats, Daily cooking and Detoxification of the body.