Royal - Chef's Secret Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice (10lb)

Size: Bag
  • Net Wt: 10 Pound
  • White Rice
  • Incomparable cooked grain length of 23mm for the highest yield of any Basmati
  • Every grain elongates to 16 - 18 mm when cooked, assuring light, fluffy, and separated rice

Product description

The world's longest Basmati Rice, Royal Chef's Secret Basmati is the culinary professional's choice. This evolved variety is an extra long grain that expands to 2½ times its raw length when cooked.
Chefs value it for its higher yields, taste, texture, and appetizing appearance on the plate. Delicate, nutty flavor distinctive aroma and beautiful pearl white luster make Royal Chef's Secret Basmati a premium choice for any recipe.