Najjar - Turkish Coffee, Plain 450g (Case of 10)

Size: Case (10 bags)
  • Are you a Lebanese coffee, Greek coffee & Turkish coffee lover? Café Najjar offers you the best Turkish coffee variety for all the tastes. Our Turkish-style gourmet coffee offered in an easy-open bag is served for all occasions, throughout the day. It is a Brazilian ground coffee with a rich taste that is at the origin of the first Lebanese coffee, made of 100% Arabica beans. Simply a must for anyone who likes strong coffee.
  • Guaranteed Freshness: If you are craving for freshness, Café Najjar Classic is just what you need. Our special quality vacuumed foil packaging with double walls retains the fresh taste & intense aroma. That is why we consistently provide a competitive, fresh, finely ground coffee. The pack was designed with an innovative material to preserve the grind rich taste & conserve a safe & premium quality product that will certainly satisfy every coffee lover.
  • What Makes Us Unique: Did you know that coffee helps you burn fat? Besides being a natural stimulant, Coffee contains essential nutrients (Mn & K) & vitamin (B2, B5, B3) Café Najjar is a certified premium 100% vegan coffee, with guaranteed freshness, no additives, artificial flavors or preservatives. Our quality coffee passes the rigorous quality tests & is exported globally. It was awarded quality certification ISO9002. So why wait? Grab a cup of the best Turkish coffee & enjoy the taste!
  • How to Prepare your Prefect Café Najjar Turkish Coffee Cop To prepare Café Najjar Classic, add a cup of water in a turkish coffee pot over a medium to low heat. Bring it to boil, add a teaspoon of Cafe Najjar Turkish coffee then pour in your Turkish coffee cup some of the foam that appears as you gently stir it in the pot. After another boil, fill the rest of your cup. Our recommendation: serve your Café Najjar Classic with a glass of water & Turkish delights. Enjoy!
  • Our Success Story: The first roastery established by Michel Najjar in Beirut in 1957 became the biggest coffee producer today it has the leading market share in Lebanon. Café Najjar is exported to 42 countries worldwide. Beginning with selecting the top class coffee beans from Brazil, 100% Arabica beans, Café Najjar offers the highest quality coffee with an incomparably pleasurable taste rich in aromas and flavors.