Mother's Recipe - RTC Chicken Moghalai Mix (80g)


Mother’s Recipe Chicken Moghalai, 80 g

Chicken moghalai  is a north Indian delicacy with a creamy, dark brown gravy that will make you lick your plate. Now enjoy this delicacy with Mother’s recipe Chicken Moghalai mix with unbeatable taste and convenience

Serving suggestion-  Serve hot with Tandoori Paratha, Rotis or Steamed Rice, along with lime quarters and sliced onions.

How to make-  Take 500g chicken pieces , entire contents of Chicken Moghalai Mix & mix with 250 ml water & 100g curd in a pan. Mix well and bring it to a boil and simmer on low flame for 15-20 minutes till chicken is cooked.

Unique features-   Perfect spice mix, 1 step cooking with mild spiciness, serves 4, cooking time 20 minutes

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