Mo'pleez - Moorukulu 150g (Case of 40)

Size: Case (40 Bags)

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One glance at the MoPlleez logo transports you to the nostalgia of your home country. It's hustle. It's bustle. The tantalizing scent of its freshly-made curry. Being in New York shouldn't disqualify you from owning a piece of the City of Dreams. MoPlleez snacks are completely natural and free of preservatives. If you're hungry for a snack, grab a bag of MoPlleez. Choose from Boondi, Chekaralu, Dal Biji, Khatta Meetha, Mathri, Mixture, Moong Dal, South Mixture, Singh Bhujia, All in One, Bhakarwadi, or the good 'ol Bhujia Sev.

  • 100-percent vegetarian-friendly
  • Crafted from only the highest-grade ingredients in a state-of-the-art facility
  • A good dose of calories and chock-full of protein
  • Manufactured by MoPlleez, a leader in Indian food exports

Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g)

Product of India