Guard - Easy Cook Sella Rice (10lb)

Size: Bag

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  • Pure Aged Basmati Rice, XXL Grain
  • Product of Pakistan
  • Easy Cook Sella Rice, 10 Lb.
  • Keep Soaked 90 Minutes for Best Results

Product description

Guard Easy Cook Parboiled Rice is aromatic, extra long-grain variety of world-famous rice. Guard Easy Cook Parboiled Rice is characterized for its extra-long grain, unique aroma, non-stickiness, and exceptional quality.

Rice Storage Tips

Keep rice dry at all times - add a couple of cloves to prevent moisture.

Store rice away from sunlight - unrefined rice is more perishable, and direct sunlight can make oils in the husk rancid.

Once opened, transfer the rice into a clean glass jar and keep in a cool dark place.