EBM - Rio Chocolate Cookies 106g (Case of 24)

Size: 1 Pack

EBM Rio Chocolate Cookies are a popular brand of chocolate-flavored cookies. Here's some information about the Rio Chocolate Cookies by EBM:

  • EBM is a well-known Pakistani brand that specializes in bakery products, including cookies. EBM is recognized for its quality and range of tasty treats.

  • Rio Chocolate Cookies: Rio Chocolate Cookies are a variant of EBM's cookie line, featuring a rich chocolate flavor. They are designed to provide a delightful chocolatey snacking experience.

  • Packaging: The Rio Chocolate Cookies typically come in a 106g package, offering a convenient size for individual snacking or sharing.

  • Chocolate Flavor: These cookies have a pronounced chocolate taste that is enjoyed by chocolate lovers. The flavor is often achieved through the use of cocoa powder or chocolate chips.