Dunar - Elonga Basmati Rice 10lb

Size: 1 Pack

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Dunar Elonga, the extra long grain 1121 basmati variety, is our flagship offering.The name ‘Elonga’ is representative of the fact that this variety has the maximum elongation post cooking, among all rice varieties. The fluffy texture and slender look of Dunar Elonga is Instagram-worthy. Dunar Elonga will tantalize your taste buds and will transport you to a new realm of culinary pleasure.
  • Super premium quality Basmati rice - simply the best Basmati available
  • GMO-Free and Kosher certified
  • Compare our rice to any other brand - you can see and taste the difference
  • This 10-pound package offers a great value
  • High purity, excellent taste, and soft fluffy grains
Dunar - Elonga Basmati rice, premium, 10-pound (drawstring bag)