Cha Cha - Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Coconut Flavor 250g (Case of 18)

Flavor Coconut Flavor
Weight 250 Grams
Item Form Roasted
Specialty Gluten Free
Package Weight 0.27 Kilograms
  • Cha Cha Sunflower Roasted and Salted Seeds in Coconut Flavor are a delicious twist on traditional sunflower seeds. Each bag contains 250 grams of sunflower seeds, providing plenty to enjoy or share. The sunflower seeds are carefully roasted to enhance their natural flavors and give them a satisfying crunch. Infused with a delectable coconut flavor, these seeds offer a tropical and aromatic taste experience. The combination of the nutty sunflower seeds and the sweet coconut flavor creates a delightful snacking option. These seeds are perfect for those looking for a unique and tasty snack that offers a blend of savory and sweet flavors. Cha cha Sunflower Roasted and Salted Seeds in Coconut Flavor are a great source of protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. Enjoy them as a standalone snack or use them to add a flavorful crunch to salads, yogurt, or baked goods. Indulge in the irresistible combination of sunflower seeds and coconut flavor with these Cha cha snacks.
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