Ahmad Tea - English Tea No.1 20tb (Case of 6)

Size: Case (6 Pack)

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  • Balanced in aroma, color and strength
  • Ahmad Tea is a member of the United Kingdom tea council
  • Ahmad Tea is proud to belong to the ethical trade partnership (ETP) and continue our commitment to sourcing our teas in a responsible way
  • Each teabag is sealed in a stay fresh foil envelope
  • A blend of premium quality teas lightly flavored with bergamot

After careful selection, traditional methods of hand plucking ensure that the tea arrives in perfect condition, with the freshness and flavor intact. The leaves are then meticulously blended to meet our high standards of quality and consistency. Ahmad Teas can only be used after the Director of Tea Tasting has personally tasted each blend and approved it for production. The result is an excellent cup of tea, with impeccable liquor, color, aroma and flavor.