Ahmad Tea - English Breakfast Tea, Loose 100g (Case of 12)

Size: Case (12 Pack)
  • Treasure the caddy and reuse to store more teabags or use as a money box. Also the perfect gift for that tea lover in your life.
  • Ahmad Tea is a member of the United Kingdom Tea Council
  • Ahmad Tea is proud to belong to the Ethical Trade Partnership (ETP) and continue our commitment to sourcing our teas in a responsible way
  • A classic blend of Indian, Kenyan and Ceylon teas which characterizes the traditional English cup of tea. A refreshing tea for any time of the day. From selecting the leaf to meticulous blending, tea production is a matter of pride for Ahmad Tea.
  • Although usually served in the morning, it can be drunk at any time of the day, served with or without milk.
English Breakfast is the quintessential ‘British Cup of Tea', a classically strong and full-bodied blend that goes well with milk and sugar. Our English Breakfast is a wonderfully satisfying harmony of strong, smooth, Assam, bright Ceylon and robust Kenyan teas. This is a brew to wake the senses first thing in the morning, complement favorite foods at breakfast and satisfy the taste buds at lunch and tea-time.