Ahmad Tea - Beauty, Herbal Tea 20tb (Case of 6)

Size: Case (6 Pack)
  • Box contains 20 foil-sealed teabags to save freshness. Ingredients: Nettle leaves, lemon balm, lemongrass, chicory root, rose petals, aloe vera, roasted carob, linden flowers, lemon verbena leaves, peach juice granules, and natural flavoring
  • Find vibrant beauty with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Beauty. Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits all-natural infusions and green teas expertly blended with the finest botanicals and natural ingredients to help you achieve the perfect balance
  • Rejuvenate yourself from the inside out with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Beauty — a healthy blend of earthy green nettle leaves, notes rose petals, and citrus. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients Beauty encourages balance, harmony, and health
  • Aloe Vera’s natural benefits boost immunity, support digestion, soften skin, and strengthen hair. Rose petals help soothe your nervous system and remove toxins from the body to promote holistic beauty
Let your beauty shine with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Beauty. This soothing herbal tea is all-naturally infused with green tea, the finest botanicals, and all-natural ingredients to help extract a natural glow. Achieve the perfect balance of inner and outer beauty with Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Beauty. Detoxify, cleanse, and promote healthy hair and skin with the aloe vera, rose, and lemongrass found in Ahmad Tea’s Natural Benefits — Beauty.